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IFDC - Taller de Producción y Fertilización Granos

IFDC - Taller de Producción y Fertilización Granos

International Fertilizer Development Center


Granular Fertilizers Production

Bangkok, Thailand November 7-11, 2016

Regular - Registration and Payment by October 7

Late - After October 7 $2,100 $2,300

“This is a great seminar program that adds so much knowledge to me for the application in my plant. I really appreciate all the good work of the IFDC’s staff for their hard work in making this program successful and effective”. Quality Management Department Manager, Thailand “Overall satisfied. I will recommend to my subordinates to attend a similar training. Well done!” Production Manager, Malaysia “IFDC has covered almost all the fertilizer industry’s latest technologies. Excellent job done by them. All the staff is cooperative”. Section Manager, Pakistan “Fantastic workshop that greatly exceeded my expectation”. -International Business Manager, U.S.A.

Dear Fertilizer Industry Professional: Don’t wait another two years to bring your fertilizer granulation problems to this forum where fertilizer professionals from all over the world exchange ideas on various challenges involved in granular fertilizer production. Why participate? · Provide an overview on the fundamentals of granulation. · Provide an overview of alternatives for producing granular fertilizers. · Expose participants to various processes and equipment used in producing granular fertilizers and the unique problems encountered during production. · Increase understanding of appropriate methods for storing and handling raw materials and products of granulated, compacted and blended NPK fertilizers, as well as the unique problems encountered in storing and handling these products. · Examine quality issues related to producing, storing and handling granular fertilizers. Who should participate? · Engineers who are new to the fertilizer industry. · Technical managers and engineers engaged in production, design, storage and handling of granulated, compacted and blended fertilizers. · Quality control, process and design engineers engaged in engineering, equipment supply and revamping granular fertilizer plants. · Entrepreneurs contemplating the establishment of fertilizer granulation production facilities.

For more information, please click here to read the full program description. Contact us Follow us IFDC P.O. Box 2040 Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35662 U.S.A. Tel: +1 256 381 6600 E-Mail: